Place Review #1

May 29, 2009

Sorry for not posting lately, so… time to review Sword Fights of the Heights!

Q. What’s the point of the game?
Jeremjay24: The point is to go all around the map, getting cool weapons. Then you fight at the middle!

Q. What’s the best sword?

Jeremjay24: It depends. Ghostwalker makes you jump high and have low gravity, Ice Dagger pwns people by freezing, and dying shortly, with an amazing 1-hit KO! Firebrand is an average weapon that avoids freezing from the Ice Dagger. Illumina is just a very strong weapon, that shoots out sprinkles out of the sword. There are also medkits that heal you when selected and powerful orbs that do various things.

Q. Are there health boosts?

Jeremjay24: You can use medkits to heal you. God Armor times health by 2x.

Q. Are there free models?

Jeremjay24: Think it this way. It’s the coolest admin, free models? Give me a break. And things are hard to make. It would be funny him using free models.

More coming soon and stay tuned! Sneak peeks for “Tycoon – Live a Live at the Robloxian Neighborhood!”


Medieval Items on ROBLOX

April 28, 2009

ResseMcBlox made another post today, now about all the medieval hats. Here are a few:

Awesome Castle by MRDAFG (Model, get it for your place now!)

The Awesome Hats

See it on ROBLOX!

This splendid helm is a replica of ones worn by the valkyries, a group of minor deities who serve Odin in Norse mythology. Led by Freya, they uphold justice and righteousness.

See it on ROBLOX!

Take your seven score of Merry Men and raid the Sheriff! Take from the rich and give to the poor!

See it on ROBLOX!

Dios Achilleus: One head among thousands when Illium died in fire

See it on ROBLOX!

Endorsed by Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas. Get yours today!

See it on ROBLOX!

Entertain your friends and make a fool of yourself (literally, ha!) with this hat.

See it on ROBLOX!

A sturdy Nordic helm fit for Erik the Red! Your enemies will admire your helmet’s fine gold trim and ivory horns whilst you pillage their villages and set fire to all that you see!

See it on ROBLOX!

Hamlet, MacBeth, Henry VII, etc. Re-enact the classic tragedies in your ROBLOX levels.

More coming soon.

Jeremjay24, BLOX NEWS!

New Bloxby Poll

April 27, 2009

ResseMcBlox just added another Bloxby Poll. Those are polls that let people vote and let expert builders see what kinds of places people want and what most of them like. You can vote for it here.

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Updates on Roblox

April 25, 2009



2 admins, renderman and madrack, have been working on making a new type of brick. These trusses have little triangles, and the best part is that it’s a brick, not a model with a billion bricks in it. Telamon says the team is trying to make it easier for Robloxians to climb on and make them less dense than normal bricks.



I think a bunch of you know the somewhat new “Material” dropdown on Roblox Studio. Roblox added wood recently, and now they added slate. The gray colors make it look like slate, green makes it look like textures of grass. You may use red as lava.


This isn’t a new feature, but if you are a Robloxian with hardly any scripting skills, look at the script of the day. It’s lava. It’s very useful on obstacle cources, but you can use it on other things.

function onTouch(part)
	local humanoid = part.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
	if (humanoid ~= nil) then	-- if a humanoid exists, then
		humanoid.Health = 0	-- damage the humanoid


So, for education, I can’t let you just copy and paste. I’m gonna teach you what parts of the script does.

function onTouch(part) [If someone or something touches this brick]
local humanoid = part.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) [find out if it is a “Humanoid”]
if (humanoid ~= nil) then [ if a humanoid exists, then]
humanoid.Health = 0 [drop the health bar down to 0]


That was enough learning from today!

Universal Connectors


The universal connectors are a new type of texture. It has the texture “Studs” and “Inlet” on 1 side. This is most best if you put it in a house, ’cause it has textures commonly found on the ground.



Telamon created a whole demo of slate and trusses. You can view it here.

New Tools

If you look into the “insert” button in the screen, you see a sidebar. Before, it had bricks of all different colors. Now, you can have a custom made ball (for example) in just a few seconds!

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